Marcia's Science Teaching Ideas
Marcia's Science Teaching Ideas

Earth Science PowerPoints by MJ Krech
 "Your site is wonderful and such a benefit to new teachers who struggle."
Constellation PowerPoint
Covers many common constellations. Shows both sketch and sky photos. I show this while students check their Constellation Lab to make sure they have all the "required" constellations identified. Email me for the Constellation PowerPoint along with some related Teaching Materials.
Branches of Earth PowerPoint I originally designed this for CWC students but the whole class benefited from this because of the visual presentation of the difference between an Earth Science EVENT and ACTIVITY. Written in conjunction with the Heath Earth Science book but could be used with most any Earth Science text. Click here for the PowerPoint.
How to Draw a Personal Concept Map PowerPoint Personal Concept Map is a "warm-up" for the Science Concept Map, which is a brainstorming activity for planning a science experiment. Click here for PowerPoint. Click here for the accompanying worksheet. 
How to Draw a Science Concept Map PowerPoint The Science Concept Map is a brainstorming activity that helps students begin to think about science experiment topics. Click here for the PowerPoint. Click here for the accompanying worksheet.
Moon Phases PowerPoint Show this PowerPoint when your students are doing this Cut & Paste Moon Phases Activity. They have fun competing to see who can recognize the phase first. Click here.
Solar Eclipse PowerPoint A great way to introduce the Solar Eclipse! Teaches the really cool terms like string of pearls, diamond ring, etc. Be sure you use the Introductory Activity before you show the PowerPoint Email me for the Solar Eclipse PowerPoint.
Climate Change PowerPoint A good way to introduce a controversial topic. Uses a wonderful method I came up with that had total involvement of all students the first (and every) time I used this method. Click here for the Cut & Paste Climate Change PowerPoint FollowSheet. Click here for the answers. Click here for PowerPoint. Click here for a discussion of this great teaching tool on my Science Teaching Ideas Blog!
Ozone Hole PowerPoint Click here for a discussion on my Blog about Teaching the Ozone Hole through discovery, including the link to all worksheets and the PowerPoint.
Galaxies PowerPoint Click here for a simple PowerPoint that shows the various types of Galaxies. Could accompany a lesson where students are given a set of Galaxy Flashcards and have to separate into sets. Don't give them any hints! Just see what they come up with! Then hand them the Hubble Tuning Fork Flashcard and have them try again. Show the PowerPoint last and see how much fun they have identifying the Types of Galaxies!
Tree Cookies PowerPoint A wonderful way to teach how scientists determine Absolute Time is to have some Tree Cookie Activities. Click here for a PowerPoint. Click here for a Lesson Activity. Click here to read my Blog about this topic.

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