Marcia's Science Teaching Ideas
Marcia's Science Teaching Ideas

Teaching the Water Cycle by MJ Krech
Teaching the Water Cycle by MJ Krech

The Teaching the Water Cycle Packet is available here. The Packet includes: Over 100 pages of ready-to-run materials covering: The Water Cycle, Groundwater Features, and Water Conservation. Click here for Table of Contents. The CD or Email-delivered Packet contains: detailed lesson plans & ideas, bellwork and journal suggestions, labs and worksheets with answers, tests & quizzes with answers, active learning suggestions including a Water Cycle Foldable©, and many Team Game suggestions you can run off on colored paper. Also includes: Water Cycle and Groundwater PowerPoints!

Several items from this Packet are also available below at NO CHARGE!
You are welcome to use these ideas in your classroom, within your science department, within your school district, or to distribute to any teacher who may find these lessons useful. I only ask that:
1. You cannot sell these lessons or make a profit on them in any way.
2. You cite the lessons original source, and do not white-out the copyright footer on the pdf files
3. Do not copy and paste lessons onto your website. A link to the original is to be used.
4. Do not claim these lessons as your own work.
NOTE: This disclaimer is modeled after a couple of my favorite websites: The Science Spot and Middle School Science. Thanks, teachers!

Project Wet
Water Education for Teachers
A wonderful resource. Unfortunately, only available in the U.S. and Canada through participating in a workshop. May be purchased if you live and teach outside the U.S. and Canada. Ask around your school district! Maybe someone has it! Or consider taking the workshop. Contains wonderful simulations and labs. Love the diagrams! A wealth of information!!! Click here.
Water Cycle Study Guide Based on the Heath Earth Science. Covers the basic "water" concepts. Click here.
UPDATE: I don't put much store in Study Guides anymore. Much wiser to use a more active approach, such as a Cut-and-Paste Fact Sheet. Much more student involvement and learning!
Water Cycle Simulation

This is a very simple lab. Needs to be set up the day before. Also students should be very careful moving it the second day or you lose the water under the rock! Click here.

Water Cycle Worksheets Your students should be able to identify more than just the three basic parts (evaporation, condensation, precipitation). They should also be able to identify transpiration, runoff, groundwater flow, infiltration. All of my worksheets are commercially made. Click here for an example of one prepared by Enchanted Learning.
Salinity Lab

I love this lab! My students are always positively entranced! Uses different salinities of water dropped into tap water (0% salinity), and vice versa. Different colors are used, for example you would drop green very salty into plain tap water. Teaches the concept that the saltier, the denser. Different versions of this lab are all over the "Science Teacher Internet." Click here for my version.

Ocean Water Worksheets

Another great set of Glencoe worksheets, available online via pdf. I use these quite often. Click here for a good review. Click here for one on salt water composition. Click here for an outline.

Water Table Lab

This is a very simple lab that helps students understand what a water table REALLY means! Click here.

Groundwater Lab

The poisoning of wells and groundwater is a big issue in our state. I wrote this lab to address several issues related to keeping our groundwater safe. Click here for the lab. Makes quite an impression on the students, especially the issue of injection wells!

Groundwater Pollution Simulation

This is a simpler version of the above groundwater lab. It uses a piece of bread, but still gets the objective taught in a fun, hands-on way! Click here.

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