Marcia's Science Teaching Ideas
Marcia's Science Teaching Ideas

How to Write a Good Science Lesson by MJ Krech
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Writing a Good Science Lesson which uses lots of Active Learning--and engages the mind--is a piece of cake if you follow a few simple guidelines!


What are Your Objectives?

 A. It all begins with well-written objectives. Simple. Short. Measurable.

 B. Next: What are the vocabulary words?

 C. Good to think about from the start: What are some sample questions that test the objectives?

 A. OBJECTIVE: Describe the three main types of volcanic cones, how each is formed, and what types of lava each produces. (Not short, but good, and measureable.)
 B. VOCABULARY WORDS: cinder cone volcano, shield volcano, composite volcano. mafic lava, felsic lava. tephra.
(1) Identify the type of volcano mentioned in the following scenario...
(2) Which of the following sketches represents a shield volcano?
(3) Which of the three major types of volcanoes would you recommend to your friend would be safest to live near?
(4) How are shield and cinder cone volcanoes similar and different?
(5) Compare and contrast the types of eruptions of the major types of volcanoes.

Next: Choose Your Activities.
Try for a balance. Do a game, then a quieter seat activity. Do group, then individual, then pairs. Change the activities often. Watch the room. Are they engaged? Do they need to sit down and work quietly next? Have all activities ready and you can switch/change when the  situation calls for it. 
***Highly recommended!


Catch Your Students' Interest!


***Write a Puzzle.
Puzzlemaker at
Click here for example.
***Make a Game.
Click here for example.

Input the Material.

***Do a FOLDABLE©.
Click here for example.
This activity ROCKS!
***Present a PowerPoint.
Click here for example.
View Volcano Animations.
Click here for several
volcano animations!
Do a Worksheet.
Click here for example.
Practice the Material.

Do an Activity.
Click here for example.
***Do a Skit.
Click here for example.
***Do a Hands-On Lab.
Click here for example.
Build an Erupting Volcano!
Click here for directions!
Have Fun with the Material!

***Play a Game.
Click here for example.
***Do a Hands-On Lab.
Click here for example.

Click here for another example.
Do a Web Quest.
Click here for example.
Click here for another example.
Review the Material!

Play a Game.
Click here for example.
***Play a White Board Team Game.
Click here for example questions.
Do a Vocabulary WS.
Click here for example.
Click here for example.

Label a volcano diagram!
Test the Material!

Do an Individual Quiz. Do an Individual Test.
Do a Pairs Quiz! ***Do a Group Test.

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